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Fri 02 Dec 2011 22:52:16
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Matt rayner contact me

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Wed 09 Nov 2011 08:55:26
David Rayner 
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Anyone with Rayner connections in Burley in Wharfedale / Otley / Leeds and Bradford may contact me. 347 Rayners - all related and collected since 1973 are on file.

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Tue 04 Oct 2011 20:09:36
Shaun Rayner 
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A great starting place to start looking for the Rayners from the Isle of Wight. I remember most of the family coming from Ventnor. I would very interested in hearing about them.

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Fri 23 Sep 2011 22:00:12
A Rayner 
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Does anyone have any info on Walter Jesse Rayner? He was a football manager. I would like to find out more about his family and children.

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Sun 18 Sep 2011 12:16:26
geoffrey oliver 
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fathers name Rupert Oliver born1920 richmond surrey mother nee Richardson.

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Tue 30 Aug 2011 02:11:21
Allen Larson 
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My mothers family are Heptinstalls. I have heard there is a town called Heptinstall City in the UK. Anyone heard of it. Would love to hear from some Heptinstalls in the UK. I am in the USA

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