Welcome to the Rayner's Website. A diverse site that is not just relating to the surname Rayner, but also various dits and bits on other subjects. Please feel free to peruse this site, and if you're not too busy, sign the guestbook and join our mailing list to be kept updated of any future developments


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With regards to part of this site which IS devoted to the Rayner's, in particular my blood line, there is a family tree. You can view this in one of two ways: Textual Version OR Database Version

The text version is probably the one you may want to read, as it is written in plain text and easy to follow.


Portland HeightsWe have added a photo gallery to the site. It has various categories including: Rayner,Family, Yorkshire Pics, Dorset Pics, etc.
You can upload your images, add or edit the description of any photo. (username & password required) Feel free to browse.
Many thanks to all who have contributed by adding photos to the Gallery, especially old Rayner Family Photos, but we still need more!


TFTWe have various dits (articles) available on the site. From pc hard drive repair to a personal account of the Doodle bugs during WW11.
If you have anything to share then please let us know. It doesn't matter what the subject is, whether it be a life experience article, information article, repairs, reviews, everything considered!

Lastly, to all those who found their way here and contributed to the site. Those who added to the family tree, offered dits, uploaded images into the Gallery, signed the Guestbook, or send me emails, We appreciate your time.



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