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TOTAL 43 records to date . Oldest dated records start from left to right. ("?" represents a missing date of birth. Do you know the dob?)

James Wright~?
John Dilger~?
Dorothy Dilger~?
Josephine Dilger~?
Jack Amys~?
James Rayner 1829~1829
Thomas Dwyer~1869
Hannah Pownall~1871
James Rayner 1874~1874
Catherine Lyons~1875
Alexander Dwyer~1890
James-Francis Rayner~1900
Minnie Dwyer~1902
Edith Harrison~1907
Henry Wright~1910
Kathleen. Rayner~1914
James-Thomas Rayner~1923
Jack Allen~1924
Mary Rayner~1924
Sheila Rayner~1925
Francis Rayner~1930
Dennis Rayner~1931
Vera Wright~1934
Winifred Rayner~1935
May Wright~1936
Kathleen Rayner~1941
Paul Rayner~1946
Michael Allen~1947
Carol Amys~1954
Stephen Rayner~1955
Martin Charlton~1958
Denise Rayner~1959
Dawn Wilkinson~1961
Margaret Rafferty~1962
Jon Rayner~1964
Helen Wilkinson~1965
Gavin Rayner~1984
Katie Charlton~1984
Clare Rayner~1986
Kyle Rayner~1987
Jacob Townend~2006

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Winifred Rayner. (20-06) || Vera Wright. (15-06) || Jacob Townend. (16-06) ||

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