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&info=Born St. Luke's Hospital Bradford 1964. Married Maggie is 1986. Moved away from Bradford in 1990, first to North Wales and then to Dorset where we have lived for the past 13 years. &name=Jon Rayner&mother=May Wright&father=Dennis Rayner&f2=Minnie Dwyer&f1=James-Francis Rayner&f4=Catherine Lyons&f3=James Rayner 1874&f6=Sarah Holmes&f5=James Rayner 1829&f8=Catherine Egan&f7=John Lyons&f10=Hannah Pownall&f9=Thomas Dwyer&f12=Mary Prior&f11=Alexander.sen Dwyer&f14=Mary-Ann ?&f13=Joseph Pownall&m2=Edith Harrison&m1=Henry Wright&m4= &m3= Wright&m10= &m9= &m10= &m9= &m6=Lillian Harrison&m5= Swallow&



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