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01 11 2009 - Rayner Family Web Newsletter - NOV 2009

It has been a while sincethe last newslettersent fromthe Rayner Family Website, many many months ago in fact.

Hope you are keeping well and looking forward to Christmas (not). Since our last mail out we have a few more photos addded to the gallery (many thx), and had various communication from varied people from all around the world.
One such email was from an Esther Rayner, an Africaan-American from the deep south who was convinced we were related, and after much 'to'ing & fro'ing' realised that although the names and DOBS were similar, and the places of birth were of the same name, they were actually different people from different continents.

This interaction with Esther made me realize that there are so many different branches, different family trees  leading off from Philip's original Rayner Family Tree. So many relations still to find, and even more intriguing, the stories these relatives (or relations of) have to tell.

Hearing about a small part of someone's life from years gone I find fascinating, I found Paul's video re: Jim, Dennis, Francis, and Winifred amazing (yet to fully upload to the site). Offering an incite into life in the mid 20th century.

In conjunction with the above, I received an email from Mary Marsh.
Mary Marsh had a great aunt by the name of Charlotte Farmer. Charlotte Farmer lived with Emily (daughter of James) in a shop in Batley in the early 1920s. What is interesting is that Mary Amys (nee rayner) lived with Emily & Charlotte thoughout her childhood in Batley.

What is really intriguing is that Mary Marsh (a non relative) has an insight into Mary's early life living with Charlotte and Emily.

Mary Marsh sent me a couple of photos I would like you to look at. One we now know is Emily, the other maybe James, althouth it maybe his brothet.

Please take a look. VIEW IMAGES HERE

Any further info greatfully received. Also any photos would be appreciated.