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15 08 2008 - August 2008

It has been a while since our last newsletter due mainly to time, so this is just a short message to let you know the latest from the site.

First of all, thanks as usual to all who have contributed to the site so far. We are still looking for any photos, videos, etc, you may have, and any feedback or suggestions.

The website has been around for a few years now, and we have had various emails, contributions, from various people throughout the world thanks to Philips family tree. But has only really become an immediate family interest since the birth of the photo gallery created by Paul. This hasn't just created an interest within our own family though, the gallery and  family tree have increased our visiblity on the net and as a consequence we have recieved various emails relating to the gallery and (most importantly) information that impacts our family ancestry.

We still, and will continue to need, more material for the site, so if you can help...please do.

Kind regards


ps........ as soon as we manage to upload some videos, we will send another newsletter.
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Message from Paul below:

I just want to appeal to you to have a look in your old shoeboxes full of old photos and select the best ones for inclusion on your website.
The aim at the outset was to include photos of all the family from my Mum and Dad (Frank & Minnie) downwards but I have only so many and none at all of the youngest generation (or two)

Please compress your photos and send them to Jon or myself . Caption them so we know who it is and we’ll put them on the site.

You can get a decent copy by photographing the old picture with a digital camera.
Just make sure the flash is turned off and it is set to Macro mode.

I have just put a copy of the family tree that I did a while ago on the site. I stopped because I ran out of space on the page and because there were so many new additions.

Jon has worked very hard to transfer the information to the site but will you all just spend a few minutes looking at it and advise us of the errors and additions.

Kind regards